Hot Tapping, Line Stopping, and Valve Insertion

Modern Flow Control Methods That Solve Pipeline Problems

HOT TAPPING is the method of making a connection to existing piping without interruption to the system. HOT TAPPING services include 1/2" through 24” and can be performed: on Water, Sewage, Steam, Natural Gas, Petroleum Products and Chemicals with pressures up to 1,500psi and temperatures up to 700degF.

  • New connections
  • Bleed downs
  • Pipe or vessel samples

LINE STOPPING is a means of stopping flow and providing a shut off control where none exists. This process serves as a control, or temporary valve that can be removed after alterations or valve replacements have been made. LINE STOPS can be made in pipes from 1" through 48" and up to 300psi.

  • Line Relocation
  • Replacement of Defective Valves
  • Dead Ending ( Abandoning ) Lines

VALVE INSERTION is the installation of an Inline Valve while the line is under pressure without interruption to the system. Valve Insertion can be made on ductile iron, cast iron, PVC and transite and steel pipe, from 4" though 12".

  • Additional Shutoff
  • Line Relocation
  • Bypasses
  • Replace Defective Valve