Hot Taps

HOT TAPPING is the method of making a connection to existing piping without interruption to the system. The HOT TAPPING process can be used for bleed downs, installation of instrumentation, pipe or vessel samples, or installation of pigging equipment. HOT TAPPING services include 1/2" through 48: on Water, Sewage, Steam, Natural Gas, Petroleum Products and Chemicals with pressures up to 1,500psi and temperatures up to 700degF.

  • New connections
  • Bleed downs
  • Installation on instrumentation
  • Pipe or vessel samples
  • Installation of pigging equipment
4in. Hot Taps for
Air Vac Ass.
8in. Hot Taps Through 2.25in.
Thick Blind Flanges.
24 x 16" Bypass Value.
30 x 24 on Concrete Cylinder Pipe.
36x24in. Hot Tap
on Steel Pipe.
Coupon of 24" steel.